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Voodoo Sex: Forbidden, Taboo, Raunchy

The latest downright dirty dancefloor bomb on Sondos is out on full release today, courtesy of Harry Choo Choo Romero and Jose Nunez.

‘Voodoo Sex’ cranks up the filth factor, with plenty of hypnotic chanting and a classic Sondos vibe.

Of course, the title fits perfectly with Subliminal’s Voodoo Nights themed parties in Ibiza this summer, (and now being held worldwide too), however Harry says that wasn’t the original plan.

”To be honest we really didn’t make it for a specific party or place,” he says.

“The record actually started out as a bootleg we were doing for that old record, ‘People Are Still Having Sex’. We liked the vibe of where it was going, so decided to make an original track instead of the bootleg.

“We wanted to capture the essence of electronic voodoo. A mood of sorts. Sexy, forbidden, taboo and raunchy is what we were after.”

More Tracky

The track proves to be all those things and more, and even features the voice of Harry himself.

”For some odd reason I was the ‘go to guy’ for vocals that day,” he laughs.

“We were just having fun and being very spontaneous.”

Harry is also having a lot of fun releasing music under the Sondos banner again, now that the label has made such a successful return.

”Sondos was always an outlet for the dirtier and more tracky side to our brand,” he says.

“Those words define a lot of who we are musically, so for us to have such a strong outlet for that style of music is awesome.

May we suggest you engage in some ‘Voodoo Sex’ right away…

Download ‘Voodoo Sex’ from Beatport now


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